In the early 19th century, Ludwig van Beethoven was often a guest in the palace, since the owner at that time, Franz Joseph Maximilian von Lobkowitz, was an important patron of the composer. Beethoven's Third Symphony was dedicated to the prince, which is why the festival room of the palace was also baptized "Eroica Hall." In 1804, Beethoven's Third Symphony was




performed for the first time in Vienna in this hall, with the composer as conductor.

The palace is located on the Lobkowitzplatz, a square named after it which previously had been called the "pig market", at which time it was a less distinguished address. The Lobkowitz Palace ranks among the oldest palace




buildings of Vienna. The palace is the first important baroque city palace built after the Battle of Vienna (die zweite Türkenbelagerung), when the aristocracy no longer had to invest its money only for military purposes.



Haydn - Schubert


Marta Gardolinska, Conductor

León de Castillo, Tenor