One of the leading concerts hall in the world based in the world's music capital: Vienna, Austria.


The Wiener Konzerthaus, 100 years young, is one of the largest and most inclusive places for music and culture worldwide – certainly the least stuffy such institution in Vienna.




We feature some 800 events – concerts, talks, films… you name it –over the course of a season, which are attended by about a million ears and eyes (or about 480,000 people) a year.

About 2,500 different compositions by 1000 different composers (about 60 of them women) were heard last season alone.





This puts the Wiener Konzerthaus smack dab in the middle of this music-loving and music celebrating city’s cultural life, along with the Vienna State Opera and the slightly more famous Musikverein.



Velazquez - Neumann- Tolentino - Mora - Lara - Grever - Medlam


Marta Gardolinska, Conductor

Ethel Merhaut, Soprano
León de Castillo, Tenor

Lukas Medlam, Violin